Our Vision

“To nurture and grow the Church Family in Moreton, sharing the message of God’s love through our worship, our pastoral care and our work in the local community.”

Moreton Methodist Church has been a place of worship for over 60 years with a long history of involvement in local community-based witness and engagement.

We want to be valued as a Church each day of the week with a relevant expression of the Christian message to sustain our activities and worship, helping to meet spiritual and practical community needs in Moreton.

We host a variety of church and community related activities with a strong emphasis on children’s work and a commitment to respond to local needs.  Children’s activities include our Sunflowers Baby Art Group, Sunbeams Mums & Tots, Superkids (ages 5-11), Boys Brigade, Girls Union and Wirral Sound Band.  As part of our work we run Free Uniform for Primary Schools, helping local families who struggle to clothe their children for school. We are home to a variety of organisations including a local Martial Arts group, a Dance School, the AA, Zumba, and Weight Watchers, and a range of one-off events and activities.

We want to reach out into the community through each of these, strengthening the relationships we have with organisations, individuals and families, identifying and responding to new opportunities to share the Christian message.

We believe we can be a place where the Christian faith is accessible and meaningful to all, through action, teaching and fellowship, and we’re prepared to think differently about how we go about this. We know that our Church must continue to change in many ways.


Rev Sheila Prest

Rev Sheila Prest

Hi, my name is Sheila Prest,

I am currently the minster in pastoral charge at Moreton Methodist Church. I work closely in a team with Community Worker Tim Edwards and supernumerary minsters Rev. Alan Fisher and Rev. Lily Twist.

I was called into ministry in 1999 when I was struck down with M.E. I soon realised that for me the most important thing in life was God and I put Him at the centre to rebuild the world around me. A complete change in direction and eight years later I was in ministry expecting a series of closing doors on my journey, only to find them all open! What an amazing God we have who can see our potential so much better than we can ourselves.

My husband and I have had our Ruby wedding and we have two grown up children.

I hail from Northern Ireland and my husband from Cornwall so when England play Ireland in the rugby we both blame the ref! and that’s why we live in Liverpool in the middle of both.

We can go through life just going through the motions but when we open ourselves to God he can transform us in ways we may never have expected.

He gives that wonderful peace which we really don’t understand and yet can appreciate as we receive the love that he gives unreservedly and unconditionally despite our failings. He just wants to be a part of our lives; all he asks is that we open our hearts to Him and allow Him to come close.

Love and peace, Sheila